The following pictures show the first prototype of the sluice. (click to enlarge)

Sluice in working position. Still without riffels and spacer bolt.

Here you can see the asymmetric shape of the funnel.

Nuggetbox and Streckmetall clamped with the frame.

Funnel in action with some bigger flitters

One bucket later, even more flitters.

Sluice in transport position. This prototype is only 85cm long (33 inches)! The final version will be 90cm long (35,5 inches)

you can see a lot of black sand after the second riffel.

The nuggetbox, fully assembled. In the final version, the nuggetbox will be covered with rubber.

The rubber. Here you can se one of our experimental assemblies. In the final version, the rubbers will be replaced by industrial rubber.

A hard days night (in fact: it was a whole week): 8g (1/4 Ounce) pure gold