At the moment, the sluice box we called "Elvo" (since we tested it at the Elvo River / Italy) is in a preproduction status. We are about to check the prototype1. This page will be filled with more specific information, as far as the final version of the sluice is in production status.

Features of the final version

Some CAD drawings of the Elvo sluice box:

CAD view of the final version of the "Elvo" sluice box. Dark gray: the funnel with its rived connection piece. Black: the frame. Red: the nuggetbox. On this view, all the smaller parts (rubber, riffels) are not shown, only the basic metal parts are visible. The overall length of the sluice is 140cm (for all the non-metric countries: around 55 inches. By the way: join the metric system! :-)
Again the final version in detailed view.
A larger view of the nugget box. The miner's moss and the Streckgitter between the body and the frame is not shown, but you may discover the holes for the riveting process.
In this picture, the funktion of the quick releases (or screws) is viewable. After releasing the quick releases ;-) they are pushed in parking position at the outer region of the L-shaped holes. Due to the small drop-shaped cuttings, they will stay there untill you put them back by hand. No screw (or release) must be unfixed completely. This advantange becomes more important, until you lost one ore two screws in the creek :-)
One again, the nuggetbox. We prefere rivets, because maybe someone wants to experiment with the shape and the dimensions of the riffels. Using rivets, everybody may change the riffels easiely...