The sluice box Elvo will be available in the following variations:
  1. Ready-to-use Elvo Plus-sluice. Containing rubbers, expanded metal, miner's moss and quick releases. Recommended!
  2. Ready-to-use Elvo Super-sluice. Containing rubbers, expanded metal, miner's moss, quick releases, a carrying strap and a second "Disentis"-funnel, which reduces the size of the sluice to 1,20 which is the maximum at the Disentis area. ATTENTION: the Super version is a limited offer!

Part Picture Availability Price/Euro
Ready-to-use sluice
Elvo Plus
aluminium 1,5mm
ready to use
with 8 quick releases
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Ready-to-use sluice
Elvo Super
aluminium 1,5mm
ready to use
with 8 quick releases
carrying strap
extra Disentis funnel
this picture only shows
one of the two funnels!
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Here some pictures of the Elvo sluice box. Click to enlarge.

This is the final sluice box. Dimensions in working position: 152x52x10,5cm
Frontview of the sluice
Sluice in transport position. Dimensions here: 90x51x10,5cm
The Disentis funnel in working position.
The NUggetbox. This part may vary because any style of riffels is possible. Here you see the standard version. The riffels have a declination of 70 degrees and alength of 2cm.
The Frame. The black rubbers will guide the flitters to the miner's moss. That prevent flitters from gliding across the frame.
Top view to the frame. The guides cover 50% of the frame. After that, tests show, that all heavy material was forced to flow over the miner's moss.
The Disentis funnel. In working position, the sluice overall length is less than 1,20m, which is the limit for using it in the area of Disentis/Switzerland.
Backview of the nuggetbox. Watch the rubber coverings at the bottom of the box.
The dowel pin in the fron part of the sluice. It is fixed with a polystop screw.
Standard funnel. In transport position, it is stored under the body of the sluice.
The special design of the screwholes makes it possible to change the position of the funnel without completely loosening the screws. A quick release woulf be the best solution here!
The carryiing strap attached to the sluice (example, only the strap included!). The colour may vary (red, blue, green, etc). The connection is done by carabiner with a maximum load of 40kg each. The size is adjustable between 0.8m and 1,5m.

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Some pictures of additional parts. Click to enlarge

Standard expanded metal, made out of aluminium (not only zinc coated steel!). Thisone is very suitable for fine goldflitters. But you may replace it with any other expanded metal you want! (please use stainless steel or aluminium only! rusting steel hurts my eyes ;-)
Examples for quick releases. Theese are taken from a bicycle.
The Miner's Moss. Designed for holding back dirt in entrance areas, this carpet ist the best system to hold back the heavier parts of the gravel....

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