The Elvo universal rack
This is a rack for a wide range of sluices available, e.g. Elvo (all types), Keene or custom. You can set it up in many variations with many degrees of freedom.


Elvo Universal Rack
Aluminium (welded)
incl. all screws
L x W x H ca. 88 x 29,5 x 5cm
weight: 2kg
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This is the rack together with the Elvo sluice. Of course, it also fits to the disentis funnel/hopper. The picture shows the prototype, the actual version differs in the position of the screws. For the final version, we placed the screws to the downside part of the "T"-formed middle parts. It is easier to set up, with a sluice on top.
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The rack in a very high setup. The maximal height is approx. 75cm with the standard legs. The width is also set to maximum. click for larger picture
The rack with the sluice on top. The funnel (or hopper? Please mail me if you prefer "hopper" or "funnel") ist hold back by the rack. In practice, this does not move a single hairbreadth. click for larger picture
Karlheinz with the full extended rack. For him, this position seems a little high ;-) click for larger picture
The rack set up to maximal length (something around 170cm). The sluice is even in this postion stable and does not tilt. We checked this at our claim, see pictures here. click for larger picture
The legs are now turned upside down. the minimal working height is something arounf 5cm. Karlheins set differend heights for the front and the rear legs. click for larger picture