During the Austrian Open Championship, we managed to show a demonstration of our sluice box. Therefore we get some sand from the boxes where the competition took place and tried to wash out the goldflitters, getting lost during the contest. The flitters had a size of about 3-4mm. Here now some pictures of the demonstration in the nearby river Rausriser Ache.

People listening to a wise men's talk ;-)
Total view of the demonstartion area. The water was deep and had much flow. It was a kind of hard to set up a satisfying dam.
The first buckets were filled in the box. First flitters appeared!
Goldpanning seems te be a litte philosophic?
The Sluice in action. laying a litte deep in the water, we get a nice flow! For the dam we used beside normal rocks a rusty gas bottle...
Myself, testing if the sand is beeing washed out.
Karlheinz with two (!!) walkie talkies, saving the sluice.
The content of the nuggetbox. Since the sand was very clean for the competition, the nuggetbox was completely empty.
The expanded metal is pulled out and cleaned.
The panning itself is left to the master (in this case, this is Karlheinz, since I lost two of three flitters during the group contest).
The master at work.
The Result of the demo: all theese flitters got lost during the contest. I hope, my two are also in the glass ;-) The total weight of the washed material was about 500kg, it took 20 Minutes to unload all the 20 buckets.